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Kimbula’s smoky-sweet, Low-GI and vegan, pure Sri Lankan kithul tree syrup loved by global top chefs and mixologists is now global.
Kimbula is perfect for drizzling on morning porridge/oats or pancakes, for Sunday roasts and BBQs, or for mixing into your cocktails and smoothies and comes in a handy 265ml glass bottle packed sustainably and delivered to your door.
Unlike most commercial kithul, Kimbula Kithul is refined-sugar free and confirmed as Low-Glycaemic Index* (lower than maple and honey in fact!) resulting in sustained energy and a diabetic-friendly slower and lower rise in blood sugar.
*Kimbula was Low-GI tested by Oxford Brookes University UK, one of a handful of global GI testing centres recognized by the Glycaemic Index Foundation.

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 7.3 × 7.3 × 23.5 cm
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Your Kimbula bottle may see the natural formation of jaggery crystals within the bottle over time – this is known locally as 'weli-hakuru'. In Sri Lanka this is a sign of a prized homespun kithul but if you desire you can help dissolve these crystals by carefully dipping your closed bottle into warm/hot water.

Our product is preservative-free & best stored refrigerated (where it also thickens further). We recommend use within 5 weeks of opening as a slow natural fermentation process begins (potentially can be exciting to cocktail enthusiasts!).

We've done our best to keep our packing as plastic-free as possible, using glass, recyclable boxing, and non-laminate labels and booklets. However, due to a safe production imperative and limitation of options in Sri Lanka your current bottle may have a plastic cap and sleeve. We hope as we grow with your support, to amend these with greener alternatives.

4 reviews for Kimbula’s Pure Kithul Syrup

  1. Nicola

    I love Kimbula Kithul. I use it in my healthy snacks, classic ginger tea and even my homemade face scrubs. This smokey rich pani goodness is the best of its kind, here on our island.

  2. Ariane

    While living in Sri Lanka, I fell in love with this delicious Kimbula kithul ! The taste is very unique, with a strong character but also sweet at the same time. Now back in France, I use it to sweeten my “crêpes”, or with baguette and butter! Super healthy as well, it’s perfect if you don’t want to eat refined sugar.
    Mes amis français, le kithul est parfait pour une soirée crêpes ou pour un petit déjeuner/brunch, c’est délicieux également avec du fromage blanc ! Bon appétit !

  3. Dil’s Kitchen

    I fell in love with ‘Kithul’ in Sri Lanka and since then, I’ve tried a whole bunch of them and I find Kimbula Kithul the best and most authentic one. 🙂 I stock up for months in advance and I use it with my cereal/oats in the mornings, in smoothies, over pancakes, and sometimes even in cakes. Needless to say, this is one thing I will always find a way to keep in my kitchen. 🙂

  4. Mali

    As a Sri Lankan I know good quality kithul syrup and Kimbula is definitely one of the premium ones. I absolutely love it on everything from simple toast to Greek yogurt. I am a huge fan and I recommend 100%

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