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In addition to some delicious Kimbula Kithul and our ‘Wild Sri Lanka’ Greeting Card  here’s more on the friends and products who’ll feature alongside us:

3×3 Granola, the delicious handiwork of Jonathan, his mum Sharmika, and 3 wonderful ladies from their neighbourhood, has an avid fanbase on the island and we’re proud to debut their All-Lankan Granola, made solely with local grains and ingredients and toasted with what else but kithul of course!

Barefoot Ceylon’s Kimbula Softie is a playful ode to the colours and sights of the island as imagined and design by Barefoot’s renowned founder Barbara Sansoni and spun to life via the craftsmanship of Barefoot’s handloom weaver community.

Original Source and Supply’s SL Colouring Kit will allow adults and kids to explore the island by showing Flor, Mish and Kimbula around its 26 pages of hand illustrations, covering themes including Sri Lanka’s beaches, animals, tea country, fruits and more!

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 9 × 22 × 27 cm
Addtional Info

3X3's All Lankan Granola contains: Kurakkan (Finger millet), Meneri (Common millet), Thana haal (Foxtail millet), Olu haal (Water lily seeds), Red rice, Coconut oil, Coconut, Dark Chocolate nibs, Kithul Syrup and Sea Salt.

Barefoot's softie is filled with Kapok (natural cotton-like fibre).


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